Jacob WilsonCEO

    Jacob Wilson is the CEO of Morrison Industries and is responsible for the overall strategy, direction and culture of the company. He received his MBA from Tennessee Technological University and earned his spot as CEO of the company after several years working in different positions within the company. Jacob is also the majority shareholder of the company.

    Jacob has overseen major growth of the company and loves to challenge the status quo with his excellent team. He believes in retaining the most high-performance people and letting them grow. He is guided by the Christian principles that the company was founded on. He was most influenced as a leader by his father, the founder of Morrison Industries, Ron Wilson. Jacob inherited his father’s passion for creating excellent products and providing solutions to customers that they don’t even know they need. He believes that these ideas accelerated the growth of Morrison Industries in the past and will continue to fuel it in the future. Jacob believes that the culture of Morrison Industries is it’s greatest asset, and takes pride in making the company the best place people have ever worked.


    Jacob somehow convinced his beautiful wife, Dani, to marry him, and they have three children. He loves sports (OK watching sports), reading, and spending time with his friends and family.  Enjoying many hobbies and not mastering any of them is one of Jacob’s hobbies. He can crush a golf ball (into the woods) and loves playing guitar and singing (as long as no one is listening).

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